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Student Benefits

  •  California Agriculture is the #1 industry in the state of California.

  • There is a greater diversity in jobs offered in agriculture than any other California industry.

  • Today's agriculture utilizes complex algorithmic methods.

  • Many technological advances begin in Agriculture.

  • Students can learn many different skills that can benefit them later on in life. 

  • Students can remain in the Agriculture Science Program for all 4 years of High School.

  • Students can graduate with a specialization in Agriculture if they complete 6 semesters with a B or better and complete an agriculture program portfolio.

  • Students can earn awards, recognition, and scholarships through the FFA.

  • Students can benefit from the contests and CDE's (career development events) offered through the FFA.​​


Skills you can learn from the agriculture program includes:

  • Medical: How to inject medication(s), understand medical dialogue, and see signs of distress and illness.

  • Plant Science: Cloning vegetation, propagation water management, and floral design.

  • Mechanical: Tool identification and use measurements and application and mechanical safety.

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