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Vice President

Name: Wendy Escobar

Hometown: Westminster 

Career Goal: Hopefully get into a  good school 

Educational Goal: pass all semesters with a 3.0 Gpa or higher 

SAE Goals: Raise a goat

FFA Goals: Inspire others to get Involved with the program. 

Hobbies: listen to music, paint, watch YouTube/ Netflix, play with my dog. 

Favorite Quote: If you want to fly let go of all the things that weigh you down

Why did I become an officer? becoming an officer was one of the things I was most happy about in my FFA journey. My desire of wanting to become an officer was because of the love I have for this program.  Becoming involved with this program was already a win for me but becoming an officer was an extra win for me because I wanna help other people be as interested for the program as I am. I became an officer to not just serve my chapter but serve my community as well. I became an officer because I knew it would offer me lots of new friendships, new connections, and would improve my leadership skills. I want to set an example for members and encourage members to participate in chapter activities and much more! Lastly I became an officer so that I could impact the life of future FFA members. 

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