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Name: Mia Nguyen

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts 

Career Goal: Masters in Kinesiology; Physical Therapy

Educational Goal: To stop procrastinating 

SAE Goals: Plant a variety of fruits or raise a goat

FFA Goals: To become a better leader and inspire others 

Hobbies: Working out, running, and cleaning the house

Favorite Quote: “Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow” I chose this quote because not only does it relate to my fitness goals but also in life. I can’t be where I want to be tomorrow or in the future if I don’t push myself to be the best today.

Why did I become an officer? I became an officer to make an impact on our students and program. From teaching our students about the three ringed model to building them as better leaders and preparing for their future. FFA really has it’s many different pathways and as an officer,  I am determined to highlight those features that many others may not be aware of.

Media Director

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